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What The F*ck Is This Site About?

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Here we go! My first blog post. And I have no idea if anyone will read it so fuck it... might as well say what I want.....right?

Why am I doing this? Apparently there are people out there who thinks I'm interesting enough to stay tuned into. Go figure! Me.... interesting? But no bullshit, my site is 100% me winging it and hoping my subscribers find it interesting enough to keep coming back. No language filters, no tip-toeing around truths and no hiding the real me. I created this site to connect with my true "fans" and show out for them that way I want. Not having to worry about kids being in the audience or people looking for me to be some sort of role model. At the end of the day, I'm still the girl who was introduced to you all on WorldStar Hip-Hop some years ago... just more fine like wine! is my personal project. A behind the scenes look into my personal things. My home, trips, relationship advice, shopping secrets, exclusive merchandise and even access to those images I've been holding back from the public. The content published to my site will have a mix of media that's appealing to both men and women. There's no limit to what I may post on here. Want to know of affordable waterfront hot spots to take your lady or your friends, or need some unique pointers on what to get your SOS as a gift? How about downloading high quality images of me for wallpaper use or graphics for fliers? Just know that everything will be of quality and well worth the membership!

Have a suggestion on the type of content you will like to have added to my site? Send me your suggestions here or leave TASTEFUL comments below.


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