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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Lady

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you haven't already, its time to start thinking about that ideal Christmas gift. Only you know what your lady likes. What her desires and pleasures are and what would make her happy. I'm just here to point you to what would make her fucking day!!

The Hustler/Business Woman

A photoshoot package: Gifting a photoshoot package is such a unique gift idea. She could use it to help promote her business, get fresh photos with the baby or use for a couples shoot. Opulux Designs Photography (Tampa, FL) offers full-service packages that include hair-styling and makeup. The gift certificate value doesn't expire. For $175 get an all-inclusive Black Friday promo package!

Website Design: If you're dating a mogul in the making, then her brands' image should mean everything to her. Having a professionally done website can and will set the tone for what her clients can expect from her product. I suggest the talents of Shari Designs.

For The Make-Up Lover

  • Makeup Brushes: This is way easier to do than actually picking out makeup. The lastest makeup pallets change so often, I don't even bother keeping up. But makeup brushes.... yeah this is where it is! Upgrading her makeup brushes would be something she wouldn't expect. Getting her those bougie-ass brushes from ICONIC would be the ultimate checkmate. They have top-tier "wow-factor" and are of fantastic quality.

  • Fenty Beauty Body Lava: Again, this is staying away from complexion specific makeup and going in on the universally-coveted item. The Rihanna-created body lava sold out its first go-round and is now restocked for the holidays.

For The Bougie Boo

  • Luxe Clutch: Get ready for her to freak out! This clutch is a staple item for the girl who loves a bit of bling. This isn't something you'll find in a store and you won't find it for a better price! Shop Opulence Luxe Purses.

  • Luxury Perfume: See my suggestions here

  • Lace by Tanaya: I discovered this creative soul on Instagram. She's the original designer of the most duplicated body jewelry designs around. But if you want the quality, she is the only place you should go. She's the designer and seller of the ring cuff's I'm wearing in the images. Shop Lace by Tanaya

  • Movado Watch: If you're able to spend at least $350, then youre able to afford a starter Movado watch. Upgrade her from that Michael Khors and be "the-man" at Christmas. View Options Here

Express Yourself

  • Pandora Bracelet: This is one of my personal favorites because of how personal you can get with the meaning of the charms you pick. If your budget allows, I suggest staring a rose gold bracelet. It's absolutely stunning and a step above the basic silver charms. If money is no object, then I say start her on the 24k gold charm bracelet. I suggest going in-store for this purchase.

Bougie But Budget-Friendly

Gifting on a budget can be difficult, but not when you have a second pair of eyes scouting for you. If you're looking to stay in line with your holiday budget, then I suggest these great gifts that are under $250 and under:

I hope these suggestions help! Let me know if you take my advice and how she reacts!


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