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Father's Day Gifts You'll Want To Keep For YOURSELF!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Fathers day is full steam ahead and if you're looking for some non-cliche gift inspiration to indulge into, then I have the perfect gift list for you. Ranked from most common to most unique, here are my top 3 gift ideas:


Men love to eat. Its commonly known that meat has always been the go-to to celebrate anythings a man is celebrating. We throw BBQ's and go out to high-end steak houses. This Fathers Day, I suggest sending dad or yourself King Crabs from The Crab Place. I beam about the company because not only is the seafood great but the unboxing experience is just as good. Perfect for gift giving. They have crabs, shrimp, fish, clams & more!


This gift idea is not new to the Father's Day game but my suggestions will leave a LASTING impression on everyone who smells him! I have a full list of my absolute favorites available on Amazon, but here are my top 5:

Click the image below to read my entire write up on my favorite men's colognes!


At least it's not socks!!! Get dad or yourself some slides from Versace. They're the most chill gift you can get anyone. But making it Versace says you care about the quality of the gift you give. I got mine from SSENSE and layered discount codes to pay only $220 for a pair of $275 slides. Plus shipping was free!

This concludes my top 3 suggestions. Combining all three of these gifts would be the ultimate flex! I hope you find/get what you wanted!


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