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Men's Hygiene: Hands & Nails

If you’re a businessman, grimy nails aren’t a great reflection on your professionalism. Your grooming reflects you as a person—your ability to take care of yourself and showcase the fact you have your shit together. Just like what you wear and how you talk can affect business, your hygiene is also a key part in this. Your attention to detail can be seen in how you present yourself.

Please... If your idea of trimming your nails is chewing on them and spitting them out, you’re exposing yourself to a host of germs and bacteria, so stop! Your hands touch everything. Just try to imagine how the colonies of germs on doorknobs, your phone, YOUR PET and EVERYTHING else you touch are laced with dormant diseases just waiting for a host to touch it and the fact that not everyone washes their hands after going to the bathroom. If that doesn’t gross you out enough to stop the terrible habit, keep your nails short so you don’t have anything to gnaw on. 


If you’d rather not ever set foot in a nail salon, we feel you. Follow these tips to perfect your at-home nail-grooming skills:

1. Buff. Once you’re out of the shower, use a pumice stone or other device to gently buff away calluses (the hard shit on the bottom of those feet). The thick skin on your feet will be softer immediately after a good soak making it easier to exfoliate. This should be done no more than once per week if needed, and shouldn’t be painful! After exfoliating, apply a moisturizer that contains urea or salicylic acid to help prevent dry rough skin and calluses.

2. Cut. Trim your nails in a straight line across the top-most part of your nail to help prevent ingrown nails from forming. It’s okay to trim your nails short, to the point where there’s no white of the nail remaining, but you want to make sure you don’t trim too much as this can be painful and lead to infection. You want to avoid clipping the nail bed; that’s what’s considered “too short.” 

3. Shape and smooth. Prim yourself up and file your nails to make smooth borders; this way you don’t have any sharp edges that’ll snag on clothing or your ladies intimate parts, making it prone to fissures and break and her banning you from her lady parts. The nail should be trimmed and shaped straight across and not have a rounded or triangular shape. Apparently this is the best shape to prevent breaks. If your cuticles tend to fray, try applying coconut oil to them after trimming—and avoid biting or picking!—so they can heal faster. 

I suggest getting this all-in-one manicure kit from Amazon. The kit includes toenail clipper, nail clipper, diagonal nail clipper, multi-purpose scissor, cuticle trimmer, ear pick, single-edged double-sided push stick, eyebrow tweezer, peeling knife, nail file, blackhead needle and loop remover, and a V-shaped push Stick.

Sound like a lot of work? Just get a manicure or pedicure at a salon already. After all, you get a free massage and yes, there will probably be a lot of chicks there. But before you book, be picky about where you go. Do your homework! If you go to any salon where they soak everyone’s feet in a communal tub of water, you’re probably gonna come home with something. Go to a place that prioritizes cleanliness and uses hygienic standards of care, meaning they sterilize their equipment and use tools that come from a sealed pack. Tools should be treated with high heat and pressure, not just dunked in solution and reused. 


You’ll Be Judged for Going. You probably think it’s socially frowned upon for a man to go out and get his nails “done.” But guess what? You’re thinking too much. It’s really not a big deal. People who are getting a treatment or service aren’t worried about who else is in the room with them. And if your buddies give you flack about it, just brush it off. You’ll find most guys would enjoy getting their nails groomed and hands massaged; it’s just the idea of getting it done has always put them off from trying. If you’re really worried, go with your girlfriend or simply a girl friend and say they “made you go.” But if you have to defend your hygiene to your "friends", then you may need some guidance too. Send them over to my blog. IJS!

Take care of yourself! 


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