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Don’t Get Mad, Get Motivated!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Nothing’s screams “I’m a bad muthaf*cka “ like bouncing back and having a revenge glow-up. I always liked how my personal mishaps never kept me down and in fact, actually made me a better and stronger person. How? Because I use the negative energy from the situation as fuel for picking myself up and going harder.

Use The Negativity As Fuel

Let me tell you something... Stop letting these basic b*tches and situations control your moods. So many things are JUST TEMPORARY. You control your fate. How you move forward from here on out will determine how slow or fast the situation will pass. Don't allow the people awaiting your downfall, see you sweat. Remember who the f*ck you are and progress while they're watching. We love a loyal audience! Hater or not, we stan a dedicated fan. Do you feel me?

Stop Seeking Validation From Stagnant People. Your Motivation Should Come From Things Of Relevance

What have they done with their lives lately? Sometimes the people we try to impress or seek #validation from are undercover bums. Some folks are genuine supporters but sometimes the people trying to hold you back are the ones who are stuck themselves. Those who are out here winning aren't passing down negative feedback. Theyre’re out here too happy and rich for that shit! But those haters? They’re tight about seeing people progress while they’re at a standstill. Those are not the people you want validation from. If anything, these are the folks you should think very little about. Instead, your #motivation should be from things that are close to your heart. Nothing less.

“One day they realized that they were the only ones who could live their lives. So they decided to stop worrying about what other people thought and started following their own path. They never looked back.”


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