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Opulent Scents For Her

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

"Before you look good, you should smell good" and that's law! A fragrance can turn heads and leave a lasting impression long after you leave a room. Having an alluring scent attached to you can also make you appear much more attractive. Being the one who can turn heads with just your scent alone should actually be classified as a superpower. "OMG, what are you wearing, it smells divine!" is a conversation piece I will never get tired of. When it comes to that head-turning scent, I personally adore a sweet, soft scent that's also bold and attention-grabbing. Fragrances with hints of vanilla or berries will always be my go-to. Here are my must-haves for the ladies.

Signorina by Ferragamo (Most Affordable)

Olympea by Paco Robanne (Affordable)

Narciso Rodriguez for her (Affordable)

Fan Di by Fendi (Very Expensive)

Perfect For Gift Giving

  • Birthdays

  • Just-Because

  • Christmas

  • Mother's Day


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