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Epic Hacks: Christian Louboutin Edition

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty, and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.” -Christian Louboutin

Owning a pair of #ChristianLouboutin shoes was on the top of my must-have list when I first started making some decent money. Why? Because they are sexy, coveted and the red bottoms always draw attention. With that being said, they are the MOST painful pair of heels I have ever owned. So every little step to stretch/protect them has been worth it. 

How to Make Your Loubs More Comfortable As he said, Louboutin's will never be comfortable heels - they are not supposed to be. But, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make them a little less uncomfortable. Before we start, I have the So Kate that I wear to functions/dinners/events aka events where I can sit for long periods of time without looking out of place.

1. If your pair has a narrow front, you will need to stretch the leather. If you want to be a badass, you can stuff your feet in and walk around for hours and eventually break them in (you will hate yourself), or you can use the extra help. Double up on some socks, stuff your feet in and shift all of your weight to the front of your feet. Using your blow dryer, apply high heat directly to the shoe. Make sure to relocate weight to the front of the shoe, the back will stretch as well! If it stretches too much (that’s okay), use fashion tape on the back to prevent sliding of your foot. I think it is better to stretch too much than not at all and with the tape, you’ll never notice the difference. 

2. Beauty is pain ladies and these #shoes epitomize both. Bandage your third and fourth toes with some medical tape, removes pressure from the nerves. You’ll hold out longer.

3. Insoles for this brand of heels are a MUST. I didn’t realize how much of a difference they made until I did not wear them. HUGE HUGE HUGE difference.

4. When you're walking, be aware of your #posture. Ladies... you should always be working on your posture, in or out of heels. With that being said, in these heels, relocating your weight to your heel with an erect back makes it less painful. If you’re not used to this then it would feel awkward until you get used to it. 

How to Protect Your Red Bottoms 

I always try to protect my investments. However, I chose not to go to the cobbler to have them protest my soles ($70) until I've researched all reasonably inexpensive options. I eventually learned that I could do it myself for less than $40,

Buy the ZAGG Invisible Shield Military Grade Screen Protector (I recommend this brand only because it’s the only one I know that will NOT damage the red paint on the sole.)

You will want to go with the OG iPad version just in case you mess up, you can do it more than once. DO NOT BUY THE GLASS PROTECTOR!

How To Apply:

  1. Clean the bottom of your shoes with a damp cloth

  2. Trace the outline of your shoe on the non-sticky part of the protector.

  3. Carefully cut out the base of the outline with scissors

  4. Peel the plastic away

  5. Spray your shoes with the provided solution

  6. Slowly apply the sticky face, while being aware of air bubbles.

  7. Use your windshield wiper thing to remove as many of the air bubbles as possible.

These are my protected So Kates that I have worn so many times and they still look perfect. It may have cost me more time but saved me a little bit of cash.

DISCLAIMER: If you are walking on floors in a kitchen/restaurant that could be greasy then you will want to be EXTRA careful. When you scruff the bottom, you get the real grip of these shoes. But when the bottom has the protector on then there is a little less traction.


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