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Men Want Affection Too!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

For the women that need a few pointers, men like to cuddle and be touched just as much as ladies do. Men love to have their skin caressed and kissed on.They enjoy having a cheek pressed against their chest while watching something on TV. They love back rubs and neck massages just as much as the next person. It doesn’t take a sensitive man to want affection. In so many ways, affection can be reassurance to a person. Random kisses and soft hugs can, without words, show someone just how much they mean to you.

What works for me is I like to run my fingers through my mans hair and give random back massages. I just put my favorite scented lotion on to soften up my hands, kiss the sides of his neck and proceed to massage out tension in his shoulders and back. Not only does he enjoy it, but he also reciprocates my gestures. I don't think I went a single day in my relationship without doing something as relaxing as this! Another trait of mine is noticing haircut days and when he has on a new hat! I always compliment the fade or how dope his new hat choice is. Again, small gestures, but it sure as hell keeps him smiling and bopping around like he's the man. BECAUSE HE IS! (Lol)

My Favorite Ways to Show Affection:

  • Back massage & scalp massage (not one or the other...BOTH!)

  • Hug him from behind and give kisses on the neck

  • Lay/sit with him and watch his favorite sports game

  • Initiate sex the way he would when seducing you

  • Give him head without him having to ask

  • Pick up his favorite snacks from the store

I can extend on this topic and get into how men also like being spoiled and receiving gifts as well. But I'll save that and some great unique gift ideas for my next blog!

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