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Luxe Living: Where to Shop Luxury Home Decor & Find Inspo

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

There's a saying that adults are just kids with better toys. Just think about it... our luxury cars, the latest cellphones, posh vacations, designer clothes and homes worthy of a neighbors envy, are all gown-up "toys". My favorite of all these things is the home aspect. My home is a reflection of me and my personal style. I love inviting people over and being over the top with the presentation. When it comes to putting my homes look together, I draw my inspiration from just a few sources.


This is where the rich and famous go to furnish their lavish homes. But don't be weary of its' high end items! ZGallerie's has many knick-knack items that run under $25! Table wear, lush throws, and miscellaneous decorative goods are just one of thousands decorative pieces available at this store. My cheat sheet for decorating my rooms is adding ZGallerie's inspiration images to my Pinterest board and looking for the pieces cheaper on Wayfair, Amazon and in HomeGoods.

Inspire Me Home Decor

Inspire Me Home Decor is more of a customized home blog that has helped fuel the inspiration for my home building process. Building from the ground up allowed for me to add many custom touches that I found Inspire Me's Instagram feed. My new house tour is coming soon to my YouTube page. Be sure to subscribe to see what custom features I had built.


I'm sure everyone has heard of HomeGoods and seen people post videos of velvet hangers and gorgeous one-of-one finds. HomeGoods is like a beautiful flea market for home decor and more. You'll rarely find more than one of an item in the same spot. Finding treasures in HomeGoods is like a scavenger hunt that'll have you in and out of every aisle before you know it. You never know what you may find and their inventory pretty much changes daily! The best part is their prices! I have, on several occasions, found the exact items ZGalleire was selling, for a much a more affordable price at HomeGoods, I simply adore this place.

Similiar stores to HomeGoods: Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls.



Need I say more? IKEA is a very reasonably priced showroom/retail warehouse with room inspiration with surprisingly lush accessories and decor for every room in your home. Prices as low as 50 cents!

My interior home designer pointed this local Tampa gem out when we began picking out bathroom and kitchen accents. Everything was a bit on the pricey side but I live for the inspiration. If I seen something I liked, I'd take a photo of it and its product number and look it up on the web for a cheaper price. NBD.Take a peek at what this place had to offer!


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