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I Found My New Addiction!

I've been extremely silent on my site lately and for that I apologize. When I find something I like doing, I become extremely focused on it and shut everything else out. Trust my process. What I've been doing lately is experimenting with resin art and it turns out that I'm quite amazing at it.

For the past 30 days, I've been experimenting creating pieces that's I've completely fallen in love with. Now I didn't just wake up and start doing it. I watched so many tutorials online, gathering bits and pieces of my favorite tips and purchasing the necessary supplies over time. When I finally accumulated enough supplies to give it a try, I dived right in creating completely freestyled, glamours art. Here are a first few of my pieces:

If you'd like to try this kind of art yourself, you'll need the right supplies and plenty of tips and tutorials from creators that fit the style of resin art you wish to pursue. I did a ton of Youtube research off the keyword RESIN GEODE ART. When I was ready to start getting my supplies, I found that a majority of the supplies were best priced on Amazon. I created a convenient Amazon shopping-list of products I purchased to get started: SHOPPING LIST

In the meantime, I've been posting some videos of my creative process on my Facebook. I plan to bring a lot of that content to my subscribers here as well. It's all a process but I just wanted to give you an update. What do you think my what I created? Would you like to purchase one of the pieces I made? SHOP HERE.

Tutorials coming soon, exclusively to VIP subscribers and Facebook followers.


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