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My Home Decor Reveal (Pt 1)

Updated: Apr 29

If you've been following my social media stories, then you already have the heads up on my home decorating skills. I've recently had a home built and spent the last few months getting the main areas furnished and decorated. In this blog post I will be revealing those areas and the items used to decorate them. Though my house isn't completely decorated, I isolated the main parts of the house to begin with... the kitchen, dining "room", living room and foyer. Because I have such light colored floors, I decided to remain within the color palette and compliment the room with similar neutral colors with a bit of a color pop.

Foyer/Entry Way

This area was easy to decorate. Since this are sets the first impression, I wanted to keep the space open and allow for the homes built-in features to shine. In this area, the flooring is the first thing that catches the eye and I didn't want to take away from that. With this in mind, I kept the decor minimal and only along the edges of the entryway by simply using a statement plants, console tables and wall art.

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Kitchen/Dining Room

A lot of the design efforts went into the built-in components of the home. Many of the built-in aspects actually play a great deal into the homes overall aesthetic. Everything from the backsplash and appliances, to the pendant lighting were pre-planned to be aesthetically pleasing even before furniture was moved in. So with these in place, not much had to be done to make the room look even better.

To complete the kitchen a simple plant and bar stools were added to the island. Other than a few random stainless-steel counter appliances, nothing else was needed in this area. To complete the dining area, a neutral-toned dining table with matching chairs were paired with an upscale place setting to complete its look. A plant was chosen as the centerpiece for color balance.

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Living Room

This area took the most time to complete. Finding the right seating isn't always fast or easy. Comfort, looks and pricing always play a major part. I refuse to pay for something that isn't comfortable but looks good. Tying in the colors from the dining area was also toss up. I wasn't sure if I wanted to separate the room by using a different color pallet, but upon further thought, tying them in together seemed to be the best. And since I was using the same color pallet, I didn't want to add TOO much of a color pop and overwhelm the areas aesthetic.

To dress up the neutral-toned couch, a decorative throw and pillows were used to give the necessary color pop. Adoring the side wall, I used a silver/glass console table, an oversized clock and custom-created terrarium plants to compliment the rooms color. In one of the knock-out areas of the living room, I used a white accent chair, a throw and another pillow to dress it up. To complete the look, I added a leaner mirror and vase with large flowers.

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