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How To Turn Heads EVERY Time You Get Dressed

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

There's nothing more satisfying than entering a room and having all eyes on you. You are dressed like a goddess and everyone is taking in an eyeful of your spectacular presence. Putting together a look that catches everyone's eye is easier than you think. Stick to a color palate, add a few accessories, primp and prime your hair and makeup, then you're golden.

My Go-To Colors:

Yes, I have go-to colors. My entire closet is packed with specific neutral colors in different textures and styles. Every time I shop, I go straight to what matches my palate. Doing this makes it easier to mix and match any of the pieces together later.

  • Soft Pinks

  • Whites & Creams

  • Tan

  • Mauve

  • Gold

  • Bronze

  • Silver/Grey

  • Peach

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Layering The Colors

I have come to find that you can mix and match any of these colors and come up with a great looking outfit every time! This is why I stick to neutral-like colors. As long as I stay in that color palate, I can choose any top and bottom and flawlessly come up with a bad ass outfit. And often times, it doesn't take many layers to pull it off. Experiment with layering and create your own unique look.

Choosing The Right Accessories

Two words: Sparkly and golden. When accessorizing your outfits, the best accessories to choose from are those that are golden and those that are sparkly. I also like pairing rose gold accessories with my outfits. My favorite rose gold accessories that I own are my rose gold Pandora bracelet and my rose gold Movado watch. Opulence Clothing also has the perfect assortment of accessories and handbags to choose from.

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Choosing The Perfect Shoes

I really love the clear trend that has come about lately. They are the perfect shoe because they can literally go with any color outfit. I also love neutral toned shoes with golden accents, strappy-lace shoes and blocked heels.

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