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Visit Atlantis, Bahamas

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

When it comes to picking the perfect vacation spot, the Bahamas can easily be a fail proof location to visit. Immediately upon approaching the islands, you'll notice freakishly turquoise-blue waters. Yes... just like the commercials had depicted. Its truly an amazing sight. During this particular visit, our hotel of choice was The Cove, Atlantis.

The Cove, Atlantis

The Cove in the Atlantis, Bahamas resort is geared more towards the adult crowd. Though children are technically allowed, your Cove key card is like an all-access pass to the entire resort. There are certain parts of the resort that are for adults only. Like the adults-only pool that has poolside Blackjack tables and full bar!The picture shown above is the view from our the 12th floor balcony. At the Cove, EACH room has an ocean and pool view, a feature that the other towers charge an upgrade fee for. But of course, the higher up floors are still the most desired. With 22 floors, I sure the view is even better at the top.

Tips For Bahamas Tourists:

  • Don't rent a car: Their driving system and traffic direction is like that of the Europeans. The drivers seat is on the right side of the vehicle and when driving, you must stay on the left side of the roads. Though an American can rent a car with no problem with their US drivers license there, there's no way you'll know how to navigate the roads and their hectic round-abouts. You've been warned!

  • American money spends 1 to 1 there so a cash conversion isn't necessary. But the Bahamas does have a 12 % VAT tax (similar to our state taxes) that is applies to everything... everywhere. More importantly, be aware that when eating out, the 12% VAT tax AND a 15% mandatory gratuity is automatically added to your bill.

  • Looking for something special? The cab drivers can help you get it. Upon landing, we retrieved a cabbie who took us to a cheap liquor store (vs the extremely costly resort priced liquor), and helped us get some green. Need I say more?

  • Shop local! Bahamians are very supportive of one another. If you wish to step away from the resort life and wander off a bit, visit the highly recommended Fish Fry. The Fish Fry is a strip of restaurants that whips up authentic local favorite dishes.


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