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Throw A First-Class Crab Feast At Home!

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

As an adult, I found that I liked hosting gatherings at my place rather than meeting up at clubs like I used to. I find pleasure in setting up unique brunches and dinner/movie parties. My favorite so far has been throwing a crab feast at home for my friends. With an idea inspired by Pinterest, I went ahead and began planning my feast.

One of the things I noticed when shopping for crabs is that the ones usually available at the local market as smaller in size and to guarantee freshness are usually ordered live. Well i don't have the time nor space to be cooking crabs plus I want the option of having the biggest and heaviest crabs. The Crab Place allows me to do just that! Not only is it convenient that they ship them to my door, but they also arrive pre-steamed, seasoned, chilled AND with crab paper! I was very impressed.The colossal males were some of the biggest and heaviest crabs I've ever had! The crab feast was a hit and my friends then also became customers. Crabs (and more) shipped to my door? Who knew! Now you do!

Actual photos of my crab feast setup. A little fancy but that's how I roll!

I love this company so much. They even have all-you-can-eat Crab & Cruise event that's hosted in Maryland. I gifted my family with event tickets one year and it was a huge hit! They've bought their own tickets since going the first time and my niece has a featured photo from the event I cant stress enough how cool it is to receive or gift a seafood order from The Crab Place.

Order a half dozen or a few bushels! They have it all... in various sizes!

Get YOUR crabs NOW from The Crab Place


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