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How I Make Money Using Social Media

Do more than just scroll. Monetize your social media pages while producing authentic content for your viewers. This is how I do things and I hope you take something from my pointers. Be sure to let me know if you learned anything from this or not. Good luck!

How I make money off Facebook & Instagram:

1. I created a Facebook Fan Page that enables shopping. Once I had my products added to my catalog, I was good to go. When I post photos on my Facebook page wearing a product I sell, I can tag the shoppable product on the pic so now when people see the photo, they also see the product linked to the image. They can purchase it right through the Facebook app.

2. I linked my Instagram page to my Facebook fan page. This enabled me to link the products I sell on Facebook to my IG post. When a photo is linked to a shoppable product, a shopping bag will appear on the image. Anyone viewing the image now has the option to shop my products and checkout on Instagram without ever leaving the app.

How I Make Money Using Poshmark.

In addition to having Facebook/Instagram and my e-boutique to host my products that I sell, I also put my products on Poshmark. Poskmark is a free app that lets you post your products to sell and once it does, they provide you with a Priority shipping label (free) to ship your products. To be honest, I've sold more things on here than on my e-boutique, and its easier since I don't have to drive to the post office to have my package weighed and stickered. Poshmark's shipping label can be used for any weight item and any priority shipping box (free from USPS). For a limited time, use my code SINCERELY ISYSS to save $10! (Click here to take advantage)

How I Make Money Using Pinterest

1. Items I sell: I post my high quality images via a direct link to products I sell on my e-boutique. Affiliate links will not work on Pinterest due to their rules. I also add descriptive words that will help my product show up in people searches. When people click on the image, they will have the option to click through to the link where the images was originated... my website. If the person visiting my site either makes a purchase, subscribe or shares anything from it, that's a win for me. I now have their attention.

2. Promoting My Work:

How I Make Money Off SnapChat

Public vs. Friend-Only (Private) posts. The key to this is making the content you post on snap different from what you post on FB/IG stories. No one will care to follow your pages if your content is identical cross all platforms. What I do is leave my account public. Anyone can add me without me having to approve them. I post interesting content publicly and the extended versions of my snaps for my friends only. For people to be added to my friends-only, they have to pay a one-time fee via my website. The fee also includes access to my members-only content on www.SincerelyIsyss.com. Once the fee is paid, I add them as a friend on Snap and they can now view everything I post as well as have an open line of communication with me. I don't respond to anyone else on snap but those I've "friended" or those who have questions about joining my friends-only list. My content isn't raunchy but its addicting and interesting.

How I Make Money Blogging

1. Affiliate Links. If I personally love anything, I usually post pics and blog about it. I realized that I was giving free promo to places by bragging about my new purchases in subtle pics with a short caption. I eventually learned to seek out affiliate programs that'll allow me to monetize off my reviews by generating direct links to where people can purchase the product. Each time someone buys, I make a commission. I was going to post about it anyway, so why not make money while doing it? For example: I love Maryland hard crabs! I post them often. But now when I post them, I add my personal affiliate link that my viewers can swipe up on and see where I get my product. If they buy anything, I get a cut. I make about $20-$30 per transaction. I figured this out by googling "Crab Place affiliate", and found out that they're partnered with ShareASale. They're a host to thousands of websites that have affiliate programs.

2. Genuine Reviews. People are willing to pay good money to have me review their goods. I'm not talking about just posting a generic "repost" photo. I mean, sending me the product, me wearing/using it and talking about it and producing high quality images my client can use to promote their product. I dont do it often because I'm picky with what I post. but when I do, its subtle and authentic. When I sometimes barter with clients who have something that may be of use to me. By this I mean, I'll do a review in exchange for goods or services that a client may offer. For example, a guy who prints t-shirts offered me 10 free shirts in exchange for a shoutout. In turn, i was able to send him designs for the shirts and made $300 reselling them to my customers. He got what he wanted and I made some cash.

How I Make Money Off My Personal Website

1. Free content vs. Premium content. My best and most exclusive content is on my personal website. I give viewers a free preview and "bait" them to purchase the full membership by offering unique features that I don't offer anywhere else. For example: There's a catalog of my sexy selfies I offer for free viewing. My paid members have access to my professionally shot images that show "more skin". Again... nothing too raunchy but its fantastic shit! My paid members can also get free downloads and request private photos for an additional fee. I dont offer this anywhere or to anyone else. Paid members get it all!

2. Links to my other businesses. My website links to my other businesses so browsers can click through and shop as they please. Additionally I post visual links to my photography business Opulux Designs. My website lets my viewers know that I'm available for photography bookings. I mainly get females who want to shoot but I recently had a member of my site book me to shoot his mixtape cover. It of course turned out fantastic! I also own Opulence Clothing.

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3. Exclusive Merchandise. people on my website can purchase exclusive cellphone wallpapers, Sincerely Isyss t-shirts (coming soon), and signed hardback photo book (also coming soon). These items are not available on any other platform other than my personal website.



If you're going to try and make money selling things online, then i urge you this... MAKE SURE YOUR IMAGES ARE OF FANTASTIC QUALITY and relevant to your brand. Pictures that look like they've been screenshot or pulled from reposts on IG will get overlooked more than an original photo. I offer high quality boutique photography. Send me your product and I'll photograph it and send you all the images and revision you need. CLICK HERE to see my pricing.

If you're still reading this, I appreciate you. Here's what you'll have to look forward to if you subscribe to my blog:

  • Where I buy the items I resell.

  • What equipment I use to create my Opulux Designs Images

  • What apps I use to create my content: photo editing, gifs, video-in-picture, etc

  • and more...

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