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40+ Date Night Ideas

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

So they said yes to a date... Now what? From broke to balling, impress them with these budget conscious, creative date night ideas.

  1. Indoor Skydiving

  2. Helicopter Ride over the city

  3. Flight Lessons

  4. Book a couples photoshoot

  5. Cooking together

  6. Attend a Crab & Cruise

  7. Gun range (this is all me.)

  8. Casino

  9. Amusement Park

  10. Ski trip getaway 

  11. Weekend road trip

  12. Pool Hall

  13. Board games (fun in home date)

  14. Video game date (arcade or in home)

  15. Roller skating

  16. Couples massage

  17. Pottery class

  18. TopGolf

  19. Open Mic or Improv

  20. Tour your own city

  21. Dave & Busters

  22. Workout Together

  23. Cuddle and watch 90s re-runs

  24. Grocery shopping (Idc, this is fun)

  25. Art gallery

  26. Comedy club

  27. Rent Jet Skis

  28. Basketball or Football game

  29. Picnic in the park

  30. Rent a private boat charter

  31. Make a fort and….

  32. Make a road trip playlist

  33. Hide and Seek...Truth or Dare

  34. Shopping (pick out outfits for each other)

  35. Water gun fight (be careful if you’re Black)

  36. Paintball or Laser tag

  37. Haunted House

  38. Drive-in movie

  39. Bike riding

  40. Rollerblading

  41. Cook Off (invite your friends/other couples to see who’s the best chef)

  42. Batting Cage

  43. Test driving

  44. Strangers on a Plane….(when you leave the house and go to a hotel or public place and pretend not to know each other for a wild night)

  45. Prank the kids

  46. Smoke together

  47. Drunk date night (IN THE HOUSE

Everything mentioned above can be affordable if you look in the right places. Groupon typically has deals for most of the activities listed above.


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